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Genuine gemstones in oils that are compatible with the qualities of the stones.

Available Sizes: 1/2 fl. oz.

Gemscent Oil Usage:

 Amethyst in oils of Sandalwood and Lotus – Crown Chakra, Spirituality, Love, Psychic Awareness, Healing

Aventurine in oils of Peppermint and Peach – Good Luck, Money, Mental Powers, Success at Games of Chance

Bloodstone in oils of Carnation, Gardenia and Rose – Heart Chakra, Love, Healing, Courage, Strength

Carnelian in oils of Lily and Musk – Sexual Chakra, Sexual Energy, Creativity, Eloquence, Protection

Citrine in oils of Orange and Peach – Solar Plexus Chakra, Balancing, Psychic Awareness, Healing

Clear Quartz in oils of Rose and Sandalwood – Brow Chakra, Inspiration, Visualization, Spirituality, Power

Hematite in oils of Amber and Vanilla – Grounding, Practicality, Materialistic Concerns, Divination

Lapis Lazuli in oils of Lilac and Almond – Throat Chakra, Expression, Communication, Soothing, Love, Peace

Moonstone in oils of Coconut and Hyacinth – Love, Divination, Psychism, Sleep, Protection, Moon Goddesses

Red Jasper in oils of Honeysuckle and Magnolia – Root Chakra, Focus, Stability, Positivity, Mental Processes, Grace

Rose Quartz in oils of Rose and Hyacinth – Heart Chakra, Love, Happiness

Tiger's Eye In Oils Of Heliotrope and Sandalwood – Money, Protection, Courage, Divination, Good Luck

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